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Toolik Chain of Lakes




49” h x 51.5" w

SOLD – Private collection

A Collaboration with Charlotte Bird

This 4-panel piece was inspired by a field trip with Jason Dubkowsky at the Toolik Lake Field Research Station in Alaska.

The focus piece (larger piece to the left shown above) created by Ree Nancarrow interprets the findings of a published study “Biogeography of Bacterioplankton in Lakes and Streams of an Arctic Tundra Catchment,” Byron C. Crump, et. al. The map of the study area is at the center, backed by the mountains to the south of the study area, and both surrounded by specific plants that grow in the immediate area. The small dots, french knots embroidered in different colors, represent the differing bactertioplankton communities found at that specific site.

Charlotte Bird responded to the focus piece by creating the three, additional smaller pieces. These pieces were inspired by looking at microscopic slides of water we had collected during the field trip with Jason.

Detail views
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