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Ree was selected as an artist for the 8th annual Art in the Arctic show, where her Methane Bubbles 3 piece will be shown. This show celebrates three National Wildlife Refuges in central and northern Alaska: Arctic, Kanuti, and Yukon Flats. This year's themes are fire and ice.

The opening reception of the show will be Thursday, March 30 from 5–9pm. See here for details on this event.

Methane Bubbles 3 is one of Ree's new pieces sponsored by the Rasmuson Foundation.

Methane Bubbles 3, art quilt by Ree Nancarrow

Read more about Methane Bubbles 3

Ree will be presenting a solo show at the Visions Museum of Textile Art in San Diego, CA

CONSEQUENCES: Observations from the Warming North will show from January 21 – May 27, 2023. From the exhibition description:

"Ree Nancarrow’s work draws on her deep love of nature, extensive knowledge of the natural world, and deep concern about climate change. A long-time Alaska resident, Nancarrow has watched climate change’s rapid advance in the northern climes. She expresses her concerns about the climate in her work, creating images and marks by silk-screening, deconstructed silk-screening, stenciling, stamping, painting, dying fabric, and photographing. She combines these images digitally and intuitively, often creating new color palettes to better express the mood. The surface of her work is elaborately quilted. Her vision and understanding of the natural world has been expanded by working collaboratively for more than a decade with scientists, musicians, and other artists."

The following works will be displayed:

  • Change at Deneki Lakes

  • Golden Eagle

  • Grizzly on River Bar

  • Marmot

  • Methane Bubbles 2

  • Methane Bubbles 4

  • Permafrost Melt in the Boreal Forest

  • Polychrome Slide

More information about the show can be found on the museum website.

Ree Nancarrow in front of Polychrome Slide at at Visions Museum of Textile Art in San Diego

Ree in front of Polychrome Slide at the Visions Museum of Textile Art in San Diego

Ree's Yankovitch Burn quilt was selected as part of the Anchorage Museum's Alaska Biennial 2022, and will be on display through September 2023.

More information about the Biennial can be found here.

Ree was also interviewed along with artist Mandy Bernard as part of the Alaska Biennial Artist Talks. You can view that video conversation here.

Yankovitch Burn

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